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Article: Fermob trends & color combinations

Fermob Trends & Farbkombinationen | Original Homestories

Fermob trends & color combinations

Say YES! to color

Choose from 22 Fermob colors THE color combination that suits your style!

Given the variety of color choices, it can be difficult for some to choose the right combination. We have therefore put together some tips that will help you break through the "gray areas" and choose the right furniture colors that suit your style!

1. Monochrome - keep it simple!

Dare! Solid color is perfect when you're in love with a color ! Why bother mixing out of necessity when it's exactly THE color?

Simply combine different models in your favorite color (such as here: Caractère table, bistro chairs and Luxembourg bench in warm summery ocher). Here the connection is made through the color , so you can mix in style .

Another way to customize your Fermob ensemble…

2. Harmonious color gradations - create your balance!

If you want to create sophisticated color gradations, choose 2 harmonious main colors and set an accent with a 3rd (and preferably stronger) additional color .

Like here in the completely new relaxation version with the 2 new Surprising rocking chairs (rosemary), the 3-part Oulala side tables (rosemary, cactus, clay gray) and the Picolino plant pot (cactus).

3. Colorfully mixed - make it colorful!

You can also combine completely different colors if you mix correctly, for example with 3 colors in a 2/3 ratio

Choose the main color for your table and 1/3 of the chairs . The remaining 2/3 of the chairs are mixed in 2 more colors.

Discover the current top combination with the new study chairs here! In this composition, some of the chairs are in the table color rosemary, the other 2/3 in ice mint and Acapulco blue. A dream!


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