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Article: ethniccraft

Ethnicraft | Original Homestories


The essence of good design

Ethnicraft logo

For more than twenty-five years, Ethnicraft has been creating authentic , modern and timeless furniture made from solid wood and natural materials . The collections are based on the two co-founders' sense of good design: pieces with character that are made from high-quality materials and age beautifully. Furniture that inspires the story of your life at home...

Here the two company founders tell their very own story:

Company founder Ethnicraft

“In 1995, Philippe brought furniture and furnishings back from his trip to Indonesia to sell at home in Antwerp . We soon joined forces as long-time friends and began importing a container every few months. A year later, our customers were already waiting at the Antwerp docks with numbered tickets to buy that one special piece they coveted. We quickly decided to design and produce our own furniture and set up our first production facility in Indonesia .

Today, outstanding craftsmanship is at the heart of our brand, and behind the simplicity of our pieces is a constant pursuit of innovation . By using advanced techniques in our creation process, every new design is checked down to the smallest detail and revised again and again. Make our furniture part of the story of your life!”

Timeless design and the beauty of solid wood

The Ethnicraft label stands for design that lasts for generations. That's why it was decided to exclusively use solid wood because of its excellent aging , its sustainability and its special charisma.
Ethnicraft's products are designed to age incredibly well, and that's an important part of sustainability. All wood comes from responsibly and carefully managed forests and has the appropriate quality labels. “We want our products to last a long time and to pass on their story from one generation to the next.”

Main designer Alain van Havre

Through his deep connection to his environment and his passion for natural materials, Alain has developed exceptional skills in woodworking . He believes that you can only identify with a design if you connect it with nature.

" I am obsessed with the freedom of movement in general, which is why I strive to escape static in my designs and add dynamism to the compositions. "

Craftsmanship and sustainability have always been central to Ethnicraft

Since their first encounter with Indonesian wood craftsmen , Ethnicraft founders Benoit Loos and Philippe Delaisse have been committed to combining great design and craftsmanship. Today, Ethnicraft is still headquartered in Antwerp , working with four production sites and six craft studios . Production takes place in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Serbia. The oak furniture, for example, comes from production in Serbia, where the required wood can be found from sustainable forestry.
Discover 3 Ethnicraft workshops where products are made or finished by hand:

Ethnicraft Atelier, Indonesia

In this specialized studio, craftsmen bring the designers' original drawings to life. While preserving and promoting traditional craft methods, we work to get the best out of each piece, with respect for the material wood, which is considered a valuable resource.

Collaboration with Ashtari carpets

The Ethnicraft carpet collection was developed in collaboration with Ashtari: The family business in Pakistan stands for the character of hand-spun wool and, with its Persian carpets, creates a connection between past and present, craftsmanship and aesthetics. Each creation incorporates the traditional techniques of more than 150 years of family knowledge.

Minerals Workshop Serbia

A mix of innovation and traditional techniques , metals and earthy pigments - this is how the first Minerals collection was born. Drawing on some of the oldest artistic methods, these unique pieces are crafted and shaped by hand . Each piece is truly unique , inspired by the lines and shapes found in nature, such as stones, earth and bark.

Home office with Ethnicraft

Ethnicraft always presents new ideas for current living concepts such as home offices or multifunctional box furniture that could be integrated just as well in a kitchen as in an office. From simple “basic furniture” to the perfect eye-catcher, everything is included so that every customer can individually put together HIS Ethnicraft style that suits HIS family.

Artistic accessories by Dawn Sweitzer

Artist Dawn Sweitzer draws her inspiration from travel , other cultures, textures in the landscape, photography, food and fashion. There is no fixed formula for their designs; they mix ideas from vintage and modern.

In her beautiful studio in North Carolina , Dawn works, plays and explores with a variety of materials: paint, woven textiles, mirrors and glass, home accessories and decorations . You will be enchanted!

Outdoor furniture made by Ethnicraft

The Ethnicraft outdoor collection with the popular Bok table or the Jack lounge has also been new since 2021.


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