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Homestorys payment methods for online sales

To make payment as convenient and easy as possible for you, we offer you six different payment processing options:

1. Payment with PayPal

As a customer of our online shop, the online payment service PayPal offers you four key advantages: You pay quickly, easily, securely and at no additional cost!

  1. Payments with PayPal reach us quickly, which means that we can send your ordered goods quickly, which is why you usually receive the products you want earlier than with other payment methods.
  2. With PayPal, you pay for your purchase with just two clicks because your credit card or bank details are usually already stored securely in PayPal's protected area and it is not necessary to enter this information again.
  3. Since your sensitive credit card details and bank details are usually already stored when you use PayPal, you do not have to send this data over the Internet every time you make a purchase.

And 4. there are no additional transaction fees for you when paying via PayPal!

2. Payment with Bancontact

Bancontact is a very popular payment method on the Belgian market.

First select Bancontact as your payment method. Then enter the card number of your Bancontact card that is linked to your account. At Bancontact this number always starts with 6703.

You are now in the secure environment of your own bank and must log in with your mobile phone or card reader. Each bank has its own method of registration.

Then simply confirm the transaction, just as you would confirm normal bank transfers within your bank's online environment. You will then receive a payment confirmation and will be redirected back to the web shop environment.

Once this process has been completed, payment is guaranteed, which enables us to process orders particularly quickly.

3. Payment with instant banking

Sofort banking is a payment method available in 8 European countries and is very popular in Germany. The payment method is based on the principle of bank transfer . In contrast to a regular transfer, the consumer only has to verify the payment. Details such as the amount and the beneficiary are already filled in. SOFORT then makes the payment.

Easy instant banking in 4 steps:
  1. You select your country and the bank you would like to make the payment with.
  2. Once you are on the secure payment form login page, log in with your online banking details.
  3. Confirm the transfer using either a PIN code or a card reader.
  4. You will then immediately receive confirmation of the transfer and/or confirmation of the order from the web shop. The payment and order are processed immediately.

    4. Payment with KBC/CBC Payment Button

    The KBC/CBC payment button offers you, as a customer of the Belgian banks KBC and CBC, a simple online payment method. The KBC focuses on Belgium's Dutch and German speaking population, while the CBC is entirely Francophone. In fact, both banks offer the same payment button, just under a slightly different name. It is important to know that KBC customers cannot pay using the CBC payment button and vice versa.

    Using the KBC/CBC payment button, customers of both banks can easily pay for their online purchases in their usual online banking environment. The payment and order are processed immediately.

    5. Payment with Giropay

    With this payment method you can arrange payment via your bank directly during the ordering process. You bill via your familiar internet payment environment, based on the specific security measures of your bank.  

    To pay for an online purchase with Giropay, you do not need to register in advance. You don't need your own software either. The only requirement for paying with Giropay is your own bank account that is activated for online banking. The bank where you have your account must also participate in Giropay. You don't have to worry about the security and protection of personal data: Giropay uses the security standards of the participating banks. The payment and order are processed immediately.

    6. Payment by credit card

    Of course you can also pay by credit card. We accept MasterCard and Visa. When paying by credit card, please provide us with your credit card number and name as well as the expiry date and the check digits. The verification digits are printed on the back of your credit card. The charge of your credit card account is carried out with the order is completed.

    Important : If there is a discrepancy with your order or your credit card payment, please do not issue an unannounced chargeback, but rather contact us first! Chargebacks or cancellations without consulting us may result in unnecessary costs, which we may have to charge you. Here we process the order as soon as the amount has been received from the credit card company.

    7. Payment in advance by bank transfer with a 2% discount

    If you transfer the invoice amount in advance by bank, you will receive a 2% discount. Immediately after completing the ordering process, we will send you an automatically generated email containing all the information for your transfer. As soon as your payment is credited to our account, the desired goods - if in stock in our warehouse - will be sent to you immediately. A bank transfer within Europe usually takes three to four working days.